Tribal Council Staff and Committees

Tribal Council: 760-749-1051  | 


Vice Chairwoman

Council Member

Council Member

Council Member


Administrative Officer to the Tribal Chair

Tribal Council Liaison

Tribal Treasurer

Attorney General

Director of Communications

Economic Development Director

Donations Committee

Enrollment Committee


Bo Mazzetti

Tishmall Turner

Steve Stallings

Laurie E. Gonzalez

Alfonso Kolb Sr.


Sandra Sisouvanh

Suzette Hernandez


Denise Turner-Walsh

Tanya Duggan

Lisa Wayne


Gilbert Parada

(760) 749-1051

(760) 749-1051

(760) 749-1051

(760) 749-1051

(760) 305-2600

(760) 912-4984


(760) 297-2640


Gaming Commission

Office Phone: 760-297-2000

Executive Director




Interim Director of Information Technology

Lester Stanley

Laurel Burton

Ed Mazzetti

Joe Hibdon

Salvador Salcedo


(760) 801-4698

(760) 801-4834

(760) 305-3855

(760) 666-0873

(760) 297-2679

Marian Jones

Scott Layton

Aaron English

Salvador Salcedo


Claudine Montes

Robert Clark

Camille Merchant

Destiny Colocho, RPA



Tribal Administrator

Director of Finance

Director of Human Resources

Director of Information Technology

General Services Superintendent

Manager Recreation, Education & Youth Services

Director of Public Safety

Environmental Director

Cultural Resource Manager


Tribal Administration

Office Phone: 760-749-1051


(760) 749-1051

(760) 317-6432

(760) 749-1051

(760) 297-2679

(760) 297-2330

(760) 501-8580

(760) 415-3674

(760) 297-2332

(760) 297-2635

 HOW TO APPLY:  Submit a resume to the Human Resources Department, One Government Center Lane., Valley Center, California 92082, or e-mail to  Tribal preference will be given to eligible Rincon Tribal Members who meet the minimum qualifications. Background investigation, drug and alcohol screening is required as a condition of employment. Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians is an equal opportunity employer.

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