Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians


This is one of Harrah's many fine resorts, but Harrah's Resort Southern California is unique because it is owned by a band of American Indians — the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians.


Located on the tribe's 5,000-acre reservation, all profits from the casino-resort go to fund the Rincon Tribal Government.


A democratically elected Tribal Council has legislative, administrative and legal governing responsibilities for the 525 tribal members and the Rincon Reservation. 


This includes generating economic development projects, like Harrah's Resort to fund government services such as police and fire services, a water district, courts, roads and transportation, health care and other human and property related services.

Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians Museum

A Luiseño basket in Wasxayam Pomki Museum


While the museum is undergoing these exciting changes, Museum Specialist, Cheryl Madrigal, is cataloguing and caring for numerous Luiseño artifacts that will be displayed in the new exhibit. This is an example of a Luiseño gift basket typical of those created at Rincon.

Villiana Calac Hyde, Luiseño historian and author

Photo courtesy of the Escondido Historical Society.


Additional exhibits will focus on the legacy of Luiseño language preservation projects by Villiana Hyde Calac, basketry and games, and a fabulous centerpiece featuring reproductions of Rincon’s Luiseño artifacts.

Construction on the San Luis Rey River diversion

Photo courtesy of the Escondido Historical Society.


Exhibits will include a comprehensive historical timeline and the diversion of the San Luis Rey River. The diversion of the San Luis Rey had a major impact on the Rincon Reservation and all surrounding Reservations who depended on the water. The Tribe has been in a decades-long court battle to regain water rights.

Sherman Institute Handbook


Rincon Tribal members are also contributing to the museum by designing two digital exhibits to address the history of the Indian boarding schools and to honor Rincon’s military veterans.

Current Exhibits:


Historical Timeline


Legacy of Language






Community Exhibits:


Veterans Memorial - By Theresa Viveros


Indian Boarding Schools - By Theresa Viveros


Information for submitting a community exhibit are availbale in the museum.  If you are interested in submitting information on your veteran for the exhibit, please ask for information in the museum.



The Story of the San Luis Rey River.

"Once we had a River".


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