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Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians



This site is dedicated to the generations, who despite years of suffering and sacrifice to protect our sovereignty and existence, never stopped believing that one day the Rincon people would stand tall again



We are the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians, a sovereign tribal government. We are your neighbors, schoolmates, colleagues, employers, and friends. We are the forgotten history of this land. Our ancestors date back over 10,000 years and thrived with their own social, agricultural, scientific, artistic, religious, and governmental practices and traditions, leaving behind a story of courage and survival, and a resilient cultural heritage.


In addition to exploring our past, we invite you to become familiar with the rights and responsibilities of a modern sovereign tribal government; how we govern; meet our obligations; and uphold our traditions and culture. Critical to the government’s ability to care for the Rincon people and land are the tribe’s commercial enterprises.


Harrah’s Resort Southern California, owned by the Rincon Band, is a major source of government revenue. A wide range of gaming and hospitality venues, together with other enterprises and investments, allow us to meet our primary goal of sustaining the well-being of our people and financial health of our government for generations to come. We share proudly in the regional economy by providing jobs, purchasing from local vendors, and investing in surrounding communities through charitable donations and by underwriting public safety services.


Come on in….check out what’s new; find a tribal department; apply for a job; or a community contribution; or come out and play at the new, expanded Harrah’s Resort Southern California.


Thanks for visiting.

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