Internet poker shouldn't stack deck against players, taxpayers

The debate in Sacramento over the legalization of online gaming, specifically Internet poker, appears to be moving forward. Resolution of the seven-year back and forth among legislators and potential operators still faces numerous political obstacles. However, missing is a discussion of risks of online poker and the conditions necessary to secure the games. Legalization of I-poker by the state Legislature is the only way to stop illegal Internet gaming, protect consumers from fraud and stop foreign nationals from benefiting from ill-gotten wealth. Internet poker must be regulated to protect the innocent and for the taxpayers to benefit from revenues belonging to the state. Stakeholders, like

The tribal council of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians weighs in on drought...

The tribal council of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians weighs in on the drought with conservation measures aimed at members and tribal enterprise, like the 1,065-room Harrah’s Resort Southern California, located on the tribe’s Valley Center reservation. “Water conservation on the Rincon reservation is a matter of being smart and being good neighbors. In rural North County most of us depend on wells, and often share the same underground water sources,” said Bo Mazzetti, Rincon Chairman. “When our wells run dry and the water is gone, there is no one to rescue us.” Like other governments, on American Indian reservations, elected tribal councils have the responsibility for water management an

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