Burning Man festival

For those of you who do not know what burning man is, it is a MASSIVE art festival that takes place in the Nevada dessert. It is a culture of people looking to express themselves in the most radical ways in art, style, and music within an encouraged 10 principles outlined by the group. The burnings are likened to that of a high school bonfire on steroids-huge art structures set ablaze. For those who can’t make the long trip to Nevada, a local alternative will be offered here in October at the La Jolla Indian Campground. Unlike the dryer parched dessert this local festival will not have burning due to the area’s highly flammable environment. In some ways I am reminded of a modern day

Something Inside is Broken

In a nutshell, the central story line of creator Alan Wallace’s Something Inside is Broken tells of the Nisenan people’s encounter with John Sutter in the pre-Gold Rush years of 1840’s central California. Stories are told through rock ballads and rap, accompanied by Native flute and trumpet, as well as other traditional electric and acoustic instruments. Intended as a celebration of the indigenous Nisenan language, half of the show’s 26 original songs are performed in that language, which, as Wallace told Native California Magazine, “is more intellectual…more multi-dimensional.” The show’s fall tour, which includes three performances at the California Center for the Arts Escondido (artscente

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