Rincon Firefighters honored as heroes

Firefighter Paramedics James Banister and Scott Ferguson are given their awards by Jason Cestaro, general manager of Mercedes-Benz of Escondido.

Firefighter Paramedics James Banister and Scott Ferguson of the Rincon Tribal Fire Department were among those honored last week at the 5th annual Hero Awards, sponsored by the North San Diego Business Chamber. The awards were given at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.

The Hero Awards honor the dedicated officers, first responders, and public safety leaders who have gone above and beyond in their duties saving lives and communities. Honorees were recognized for saving lives, bringing criminals to justice and acts of public service that have impacted our region.

The award noted that the Rincon Fire Department Paramedic team of James Banister and Scott Ferguson has “provided advanced life saving measures to people of the community, resulting in four lives saved in the last seven months.

“Overall cardiac survival rate is 9.5% nationwide, but three people are able to spend quality time with their families today because of the skills, training and dedication to the craft of paramedics demonstrated and applied by this humble paramedic team.

“Most paramedic teams provide patients with quality care and great service on a daily basis. However, few teams have the number of saves in a short period of time as this one. Congratulations, Firefighter Paramedics James Banister and Scott Ferguson.”