Rincon Breaks Ground

Rincon Band Breaks Ground on Government Administration Building

For Immediate Release: (July 11, 2017) The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians recently broke ground on a $20 million tribal government administration building to be completed in summer, 2018.

According the Tribal Chairman Bo Mazzetti, the band needed to combine government offices in a permanent building. Last year rain damaged the temporary administration offices, forcing the staff to evacuate and re-open in another temporary complex.

“We have come to the end of the line with investing in semi-permanent buildings that really don’t meet our current needs,” said Mazzetti, who added that the council had resisted building a permanent administration complex, preferring to invest in tribal services and reservation infrastructure first.

“It’s time to build a permanent space. Centralizing government operations in one location will, not only improve government operations and communication, but also save on the cost of moving, replacing and remodeling temporary offices. After 17 years, our government services have grown, with staff and administration scattered throughout the reservation. Some are housed in outdated, and not very employee or work-friendly buildings. “

The two-story, 43,000-square-foot complex will house tribal law enforcement, human resources, finance, legal, and administration departments, with additional conference and training rooms. Tribal council chambers will be on the second floor. Architectural elements include a lobby and entryway with raised ceilings and lighting for an airy, open feel, along with modern energy efficient applications throughout. The interior design will be comprised of rich textures and patterns adapted from tribal basket weaving art, and the historic use of wood and stone as building materials.

“In addition to improved functioning, we are going to use this opportunity to make an artistic statement about our culture by incorporating elements that reflect Luiseño tribal art and with accents featuring natural building materials and indigenous landscaping,” noted Mazzetti.


The new administration building will be located on Valley Center Road, north of the tribal fire department. In addition to $5 million in road improvements, including a turn lane, the site will have two parking areas to accommodate employees and visitors.

The Worth Group is providing architectural services, with the Hearne Company, a division of W.E. O’Neil, General Contractor. Joe Martinez of Sierra Building Solutions is Construction Manager.