Tribal Law

Chapter 8: Natural Resources

§8.100 Hunting Ordinance

§8.200 Fowl Ordinance

§8.300 Environmental Enforcement Ordinance

§8.400 Tribal Environmental Policy Ordinance

§8.500 Illegal Dumping of Waste Matter Ordinance

§8.600 Hazardous Material Control Ordinance

§8.700 Land Assignment Ordinance

§8.900 Water Resources Protection Ordinance

§8.1000 Land Consolidation Ordinance


Chapter 9: Domestic Relations

§9.100 Children’s/Juvenile Ordinance


Chapter 10: Cultural Resources

           §10.100 Cultural Resources Protection 


Chapter 14: Housing

§14.200 Mortgage Lending Ordinance

§14.400 Emergency Interim Residential Ordinance

§14.500 Rincon Utilities Ordinance

Resolution 2016-47 Commercial Building Code

§14.700 Structures Older Than 10 Years


Chapter 15: Public Safety

§15.100 Curfew Ordinance

§15.200 Peace and Security Ordinance with Scheduled Fines

§15.500 Eviction & Removal of Persons or Property Ordinance

§15.600 Registration, Census, & Exclusion Ordinance

§15.800 Electrical Services Ordinance

§15.900 Sign Ordinance

§15.1000 Canine Control Ordinance

§15.3000 Fire Hazard Abatement Ordinance

§15.4000 Grazing/Bovine and Livestock Ordinance

§15.5000 A Resolution Approving Rincon Targeted Picketing Ordinance

§15.5000 Rincon Targeted Picketing Ordinance


Chapter 17: General Walfare

§17.100 Rincon Education Scholarship Program Ordinance

§17.200 Rincon Member Burial Fund Program Ordinance

§17.300 Elder And Senior Assistance Program Ordinance

§17.400 Minor's Clothing Allowance Program Ordinance

§17.500 Tribal Member General Welfare Assistance Program Ordinance

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